Monday, May 14, 2007



Sorry it has taken me awhile to update-things have been a little hetic.

We left Broome of the 7th of April and arrived in Darwin of the 21st of April. It is a long time to be at sea!!!!! It took us a while to get used to the small cabin. It is very comfortable but you can't swing a cat in there. There isn't window that opens so the A/C is on all day. Adam and I are constantly.......discussing what temperature it should be on. I like 18 degrees he prefers 22. So we often play "hide the A/C remote" !!!!

We steamed 18 hours the first night from Broome and then arrived at Crocodile Creek.

We then took the dinghy's out for a spin and climbed to the most beautiful swimming holes. Maria assures me croc's can't climb!!!

later that day we travelled through the Buccaneer Archipelago which is beautiful and arrived at Horizontal Falls. We then took a jet boat through the falls which are surrounded by whirlpools. It was quite spectacular. We did loads of fishing on the way to Darwin, which was fun-Adam is getting quite good at killing them with a huge hammer(yuck) and then filleting them!!

We go into so many rivers, swimming holes and little islands it would be hard to tell you about all of them. But if anyone does want to look at a map we visit Camden Harbour, Sheep Island, King George Basin, Prince Regent River, Kings Cascade-where Bill takes the boat right under the waterfall so we can all stand on the bow and get wet. Then up the Hunter River (where we caught mud crabs for dinner)Then into the King George River which I must admit was amazing. The cliffs are huge.I just had no idea the landscape was so picturesque.

We anchored there for the night right next to some huge water falls and then the next morning climbed up the cliff (SCARY!!!) but then swam at the very top in the rivers leading to the water falls. The Berkerley River is our last stop and then we steam right across the Bonaparte Gulf to Darwin.

Well we made it however now have days of shopping and cleaning to do before we are allowed a day or two off. Bill and Maria are nice but VERY particular. I have never been on a boat so clean. Luckily I am very tidy and organised. Poor Adam finds it a bit difficult at times. Maria is constantly chasing him around with a sponge!!!!

The first Chef-Karen didn't fare too well and decided to get off in Darwin so we now have a new Chef Micheal who seems to be coping a bit better.

We have been helping with the cooking quite abit-which I enjoy and Adam does alot of BBQ's. The vacuuming at 5.30 am gets a bit tedious-however I'm trying to think of it as a 2hr outdoor aerobic session!!!

I have attached a few photos and will keep in touch. On the mobile now for 10 days till we sail again.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Leaving tomorrow

Hi everyone,

well we are still in Mandurah. Bill wanted to be sure cyclone Kara had gone down a few did I !!!!!!
We have been doing alot of shopping and cleaning getting the boat ready for our passengers who will board in Broome.
I have our cabin all organised luckily Adam travel's lightly. It is taking me awhile getting used to such a small space-it is like living at someones else's house-but compared to the truck-it's much easier- at least I don't have to walk too far to my shower in fact just one step!!!!! The Marina here is beautiful, we see dolphins everyday and there are lots of cafes and shops nearby. We went to the movies today and saw something...... "Hogs"-it was really funny, NO DAD you can't get a Harley!!!

Well thats all for now-we will write again from Broome


E & A